Bangalore is a contemporary, fast growing, and prosperous place that’s home to India’s IT industry. The city is full of young professionals and has a vibrant, cosmopolitan air around it. Bangalore is also the home of many of India’s spiritual gurus. Here are top temples in Bangalore, as well as ashrams. Here is a list of must visit temples in Bangalore.

Bull Temple: it is 16th century Bull Temple, built in Dravidian style. The temple is located in Basavanagudi. It has a four and a half meter tall, six meter long, mammoth monolithic bull that’s carved out of a single granite rock. The temple was constructed by Kempe Gowda.

Someshwara Temple: The temple is located at Ulsoor, the Someshwara Temple is one of the architectural masterpieces of the Chola dynasty, with a striking feature Rajagopuram. A huge pillar, known as Dwajasthamba, is also placed in front of the temple.

Banashankari Temple: The Banashankari Temple was built in 1915 at Kanakapura Road. The unique feature of the Banashankari Temple is that its deity is worshiped during Rahukala. The temple more crowded with devotees on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Naganatheshwara Temple: The anicient temple of Naganatheshwara – Lord Shiva, which was built by the Cholas is located in Begur village, off Bangalore-Hosur Highway, 13 kilometers from Bangalore. It is said to be 1,200 years old and believed to be the first place where an inscription records the city’s ancient original name of ‘Bengaluru’.

ISKCON Temple: It is built in dravidian and modern architecture. The ISKCON temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It’s located on a seven acre hill known as the ‘Hare Krishna Hill’. ISKCON is building its second temple in Bangalore at kanakpura main road. Both of these temples are amazing combination of glass and gopuram, a blend of contemporary and ancient styles.

Brindavan Sri Sathya Saibaba Ashram: The second of Sri Sathya Saibaba’s ashrams, Brindavan is located in Whitefield, Bangalore. It was inaugurated on June 25, 1960. Every year during the summer, Sri Sathya Sai Baba stays at this ashram for nearly three months.